Sunday, June 19, 2011

D is for Daddy

They are so alike in so many ways and complement each other in so many other ways that I often feel like the third wheel, the odd man out, the one left out of the a good way...I marvel at how they are similar they are down to their genetic core and see the world in a color scheme that is just a few hues off from mine. Gus adores and loves his Daddy (one of the first letters he learned was D because it is for Daddy) and the feeling is very mutual as Jacob is that one individual in Gus' life who isn't trying to "fix him" whenever the chance arises, but instead, simply let's him be the person that he is.
They are a perfect match for each other. A good Son for a good Dad and a good Dad for a good Son.
Happy Father's Day to a man who elevates the meaning of Fatherhood each day to new highs.

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