Saturday, November 5, 2011

Biking ahead...


Can you see him? Well, I can, just barely, just enough to know I'm in trouble, because in the time it took me to close the hatchback on the Subaru and grab my newspaper, Gus has managed to get way far ahead of me on the bikepath...he is on a two-fold mission: To go "very fast" and to go to the playground with the "twisty slide"

Gus poses impatiently for me. Cute but focused on his goal - "very fast" and "twisty slide"

This is why I run. I have to keep up with a kid, who doesn't slow down even on the uphills.

A reminder, that posing for pictures - at least in his mind - is a waste of time. The playground is THAT WAY, Momma!
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