Saturday, November 5, 2011



A bit belated, but here is the proof, despite a general disinterest on our family's part in all things Halloween, I managed to dress Gus up "spooky" for preschool and a subsequent brief trick-or-treat outing in the evening.
The monster-face hat was the only compromise I could think of that Gus would tolerate (he has absolutely no interest in dressing up as anything) yet wouldn't make me feel like a complete party-pooper...I felt a bit better after dropping Gus off at preschool, where exactly all girls were dressed up in store-bought princess/mermaid/fairy outfits, and the remaining boys split about even between (store-bought) superheros and (store-bought) draculas... least I didn't spend any money for something that means little to any of us three.

....we are still eating the candy Gus got (he went to four houses and was done) for after meal mini-desserts...Boo!
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