Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These are a few of Gus' favorite things...


"Drizzling" (we are working on not throwing ANYTHING) rocks, pepples, sand, nuts, leaves, etc. into storm drains, is one of Gus' very favorite things to do...he can do it for hours (I can tolerate it, depending on location, for the maximum of time it takes to read the front section of the New York Times...we make quite a pair out there. Him crouching on the crate, me camped out on the curb.


These are the sweet moments. Sometimes I find myself turning off the faucet or snapping shut the dishwasher and suddenly hearing Gus high voice talking quietly for his own entertainment and amusement - that's always a bonus for a child, to whom talking and communicating is not second nature - when I round the corner, I find him splayed out with a book or watching something out the window, while using every memorized phrase he can connect to the subject at hand. He does not want to be disturbed, and I try hard to respect that.

Eventhough he always looks extra cuddly in these moments.
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