Friday, February 24, 2012

On Loving Tractors and other things


Granna & Pap came for a brief visit last weekend, and I just so happened to get my hands on coveted tickets for a huge kids consignment sale that happens at the local fairgrounds, so Granna & I went and shopped and shopped and shopped until we almost dropped.
Let's just say I feel good about Gus' upcoming spring/summer wardrobe, since I found a lot of stuff that isn't just straight from the GAP or Old Navy, where most boys' clothes seem to be coming from these days (I've seen boys at Gus' preschool in essentially identical outfits...a bummer at least to me)

Aside from clothes, Granna and I rescued a few toys, that Gus will love as they are being gradually unveiled. One we couldn't wait to give him, so we didn't.
It's WALL-E, Granna found him face down on a table. He came with 4 rechargeable batteries, so that alone was worth the $6he cost, we reasoned.
But it was love at first sight. Gus has been ever so sweet and loving with WALL-E since he moved in, and has even turned him on and let him make noises a few times (WALL-E is a learning toy and he is in working condition, we found out after the batteries got recharged).

Shopping aside, we had a great visit. Gus really enjoyed seeing his Granna & Pap and showing off all his new talents and old tricks.
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