Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ski the Wolf


With some snow promised shyly in the forecast against a backdrop of the dullest, snowless winter ever, we decided to play hookie from preschool Friday and take Gus skiing at a nearby ski resort instead. He is so excited to be wearing his fancy Swiss-style skiing outfit.


Finally, we are all smiles on the most vintage chairlift we've been on in a while. Wolf Resort is quaint and tiny, but but well run, judging man-made snow is all they got right now.


Gus poses with his favorite friend on the slope, a snow groomer parked conveniently about halfway down the only blue slope open to skiers. Gus surprised us with his total delight in skiing and his stamina. We lost count after the 10th run with nary a break in between, and he still wanted to go back "up high" every time. Daddy finally called it quits. After all, Gus didn't do most of the skiing, our backs and knees did.


Jacob and Gus pose for the camera, after we skied the steep section of the blue run.


Gus and I pose before skiing the rest of the steep part of the blue run.

Oh and we also got interviewed for the local ABC affiliate (for their weather bitty about the impending snow). Jacob and Gus made it on TV!

Just another great day of fun for us!
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a said...

Fun times!!! Miss y'all!