Friday, April 6, 2012


Look what the Easter Bunny brought us! Chicks! This one is Gus' favorite. Her name is Fin (beats me I don't know where he came up with that name, but that is her name. The other one is named Vic, and gets a lot less face time with Gus. I love on that one.

So far Fin and Gus have been bonding very gently. We try very hard to give them enough rest.

Yesterday evening, Gus wanted to take them both to bed with him, which means he loves them. Only his favorite toys get to go to bed with him.

Needless to say we braved a couple of tears and kept the chicks in their bin instead.
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Brynn said...

Yea! We just got chickens again, too! 11 laying ladies inherited from a friend. 10 are for eggs and one, named Laura, is really a pet chicken. She's a meat chicken that lived past her "time", big and awkward, a little slow. She gets picked on by all the others, so we keep her in her own hutch at night and then she gets free roam of the yard all day long, while the others are limited to only evening yard time. She's exceptionally awesome. Never knew I'd fall in love with a chicken. Hope we get to start from chicks some time. They must be adorable and a lot to care for.

Happy for you guys and your chickens!