Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My guys

Just a quick shot - yup this pictoresque spot is just minutes of walking from our home - to remind myself of the biggest gift in my life (hint, there is a VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK)
My guys.
I love them.
I love the ease with which they are together.
The few words they need to communicate.
They are so special.
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Julie said...

I neglect Beanspad for a month, and I miss the crowning of Miss Daisy, your birthday, an adorable story about Gus and the exotic chickens, and this lovely picture?! Ok, I will be better about visiting. Happy belated birthday, GeriBeth. You make a beautiful Miss Daisy (and please note that if we were still cube neighbors, I would have plastered your mini cube walls with today's equivalent of MaryKate Olsen and Britney Spears tabloid photos.