Saturday, April 14, 2012

G U S goes to the Z O O

For all his hard work in Tomatis Therapy this week and because he says "happy birthday" so sweetly, we headed for the Greenville Zoo today on a whim and with nary a plan (scribbled directions from Google Maps which was the only mistake of the day).
Gus was so excited to go the playground OUTSIDE the zoo that I had to sort of coax him in to see some animals.

But he loved the Elephants. We counted them, we watched them eat, poop and take a shower.

Then we took a break and played at the playground INSIDE the zoo, where we stayed three times as long as we did in any of the exhibits - but the constant action delivered by over-sugared, over-excited kids was pretty fascinating - and the rocking chairs provided for weary parents, made for some great people watching.

Gus did spend a good amount of time talking to "Mr. Alligator" who was sunning himself and seemingly unimpressed by Gus' imploring.

In typical Gus fashion - we paid $12 to see exotic animals and he REALLY loved the chicken in the farm exhibit. Everyone was trying to feed them Graham Crackers and was very surprised that they were VERY interested in Gus' grass - atta boy, he knows his chickens.

After an hour in the zoo. We ate a picnic lunch (well I did, Gus snacked in spurts) and played for 2 1/2 hours in the adjacent playground (which may be the world's greatest playground, at least from my perspective) Nice and safe and completely overrun on a sunny Saturday, Gus had a great time mingling under the thoughtfully provided sun-sail, while I baked away at the periphery - I think I might have a slight sun-stroke.

After I snapped this picture, we packed up and left. Gus didn't even make it out of the parking lot. His head was lolling by the time I was buckling him in.
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