Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just the three of us

After a week of appointments, work and sharing chores, but never in the same place, we three woke up Sunday morning with nothing planned and nothing left on the to-do list.
Well, almost nothing.
Jacob decided it was time for a communal shearing in the laundry (while I didn't have to go under the knife, I was a big part in keeping the good cheer going and cleaning up afterwards).  The expression on Gus' face tells volumes of how enjoyable this chore is - for both the shearer and the shearee. But on the bright side, Gus looks sharp and he likes his newest "brissely" hairdo.

Next up we piled into the jeepster and headed for higher grounds (here in Western North Carolina that means 3,000-something feet, as ex-Vail residents we can still have a good laugh about that). Where the air is fresh and breathable - a nice change after a week of toil in hot and humid conditions.
This, by the way, is just one of the many views we were granted this morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the center of the picture is Looking Glass Mountain, our local landmark.
We live in a dark-green world.

My two favorite getaway companions. They are getting to be more and more alike
with each passing day, one refining the other, it's a joy to watch.

A rare sight. Jacob remembered to snap a picture. I'm not camera-shy. My husband is.

See? Like I said. I'm not camera-shy.

A trait I passed on to Gus, who always duty-fully - albeit absent-mindedly - smiles for the camera. Preferrably with a cool motorcycle that is not ours.
No, ours, is sitting in Daddy's makeshift garage (which used to be our guest cottage)
Oh well. We had a great time out tooling around in the jeepster.
Can't wait for another day that finds us three without anything to do.
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