Thursday, April 26, 2007

Believing in The Bean

Since I'm starting this blog as The Bean is coasting through the first half of our pregnancy, I feel it would be the right place to get the facts out of the way - so I can wax on philosophically and spiritually about The Bean.

But first what we know:
- We're really pregnant. We find this out February 28, when Dr. Hernandez confirms what the little "dip stick" predicted.
- Our Baby has a heart - and it is beating at a furious rate of 145. We find this out in March during our second check-up visit. No reason to worry, being in-vitro is tough and The Bean has to work really hard to grow and become big and strong, hence the heartbeat. Hearing it is a watershed moment for me. The first real evidence, outside of a need to eat at all times of the day and constant heartburn, that "something is underheart." I cry a happy tear when I hear the rapid beat, Jacob finds it fascinating and asks for a repeat performance from the nurse with her stetoscope. I just take confidence from this sound. It seems to say - over and over - "I want to live and I'm going to to hurry to join you. I can't wait to be a human being" Side note: If I sound uncharacteristically sappy, I'm chalking that up to pregnancy hormones, which by now are cursing through my system, demanding a strictly beige diet, an absolute ban on excercise and up to 12 hours of sleep.
- The Bean is a Boy, we found this out April 3. Our Doc Dr. Hernandez in an attempt at humor said "third leg" me, lying there trying to discern what he seemed to see to clearly, puzzpled for a split second over this - grave deformity or judgement of gender?
One look at Jacob's wide grin and the Dr. H's big smile, told the the latter was true.
A boy!
I was completely overwhelmed with happiness! Not because I wanted a boy - I, who never lack an opinion on anything, was completely and honest-to-God ambivalent as to what we should have.
But it's another part of The Bean that makes him real to me. He is growing up so quickly, I'm already thinking like a Mom.
It's a boy!

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