Monday, April 30, 2007

Checking up on The Bean

Yesterday, Jacob and I (and Dr. H) spent a good 45 minutes looking at The Bean. All is well in utero, so far. He "measures up" nicely at about 21 weeks of gestational age, has all the required limbs (I counted knuckles, five each).

He was gamely waving a fist at us (I wonder if he "feels" us staring at him, searchingly looking for imperfections and if he appreciates all the attention).
We saw his heart, which is beating at a frenetic 147 beats per minute - an athlete in my mind!
Dr. H was happy with the development of the heart ventricles, the chest cavity, the lungs, the stomach, the skull, the spine etc.

Right now The Bean is in a breech position, meaning he is right side up with his head near my bellybutton and his legs folded up toward my pubic bone, not to worry though, Doc H is telling us. Only 5 percent of all babies are still in breech position by the time of I have felt him moving around so much, that I'm convinced he just "straightened out" for the photo op as any boy of mine would.

All in all, he measures about 10 inches in length and weighs not quite two pounds (funny considering I weigh almost 20 lbs more since The Bean took root) It's not all flab though. I noted a huge placenta, which has to weigh something too!

No apparent deformities or areas of concern. Of course, we're happy about that, but even if we were to find out that The Bean has special needs that wouldn't change the outcome of this pregnancy. We are poised to welcome whomever the Lord has planned for us. To us, The Bean will be perfect, in whatever shape or form he comes in.

I've been feeling great! Active with lots of energy to burn, enjoying my new curves and the freedom that comes with being "out of shape." No need to dress to hide flaws or work to tone a flabby area, right now I excercise to feel good and to bond with The Bean (he loves it when we go on our daily jog, I swear), and I dress to show off a big bump - for all of you, who haven't been pregnant yet! This is awesome! Truly, I feel content with myself in a way, I haven't ever in my life, not even when I was in marathon shape.

Today, The Bean and I are going for a short run in the evening hours and then we'll pick up Dad and go water the tomato plants in our veggie garden - by the time The Bean joins us we should have lots of fresh produce, hopefully.

To all things that grow. Early summer is a beautifully easy season on the soul!

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