Friday, April 27, 2007

A first for everyone

Bean won't just be a first for us.

He'll be a first grandchild or "Grosskind" for both sets of his grandparents, Albert and Erna, and Ronnie and Cindy.
He'll be a first great-grandchild to his very excited Great-Grand Meme, Johnnie, as well as a first nephew to our siblings Leah and Dominic.

Yup, The Bean's got a lot of pressure on him but as a first-of-the-next generation myself, I can only recommend this very special spot in the family...

First off, it comes with instant benefits, like bottomless attention, gifts galore and everyone later in your life will have a story that centers on you, long before other siblings or cousins began crowding the get-togethers...

It's a precious place to be, you will be loved!

Speaking of gifts, your grandparents-to-be have been busy preparing for your entrance. My mom has been out shopping for "bodies" (that's onsie in German) and the first one that arrived in the mail, made me cry because of its diminutive size (don't worry I cry over odd things and at unpredictable times right now) how could we ever care for anything this tiny?

But because it is the first outfit we received, we'll bring The Bean home in it. I'm busy knitting the necessary accessories for it.

Also The Bean will have the possibly coolest bed of anyone by the time he arrives - one that grows with him from babyhood to adulthood, it's magic in chestnut, if you ask me. It's the generous gift of Jacob's folks....otherwise The Bean would have had to sleep in a cardboard box - the one we had in mind was luxuriously big and came with Jacob's brandnew table saw, Hitachi-fancy!

So even if your parents are still slightly underprepared and partially paralyzed in their preparations - your extended family will make sure you got it good! We are blessed with them all!

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