Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mommie & Me

I'm only posting this picture by popular demand ... I admit I hog the camera and have not really explained its inner workings to my a result most of my posts involve pictures of my two favorite guys - sans the most important woman in their lives...

So here is the proof - I'm still alive (albeit sleep deprived and it shows) and I have mastered holding my infant son and his ever so bobbely head...I no longer hold my breath whenever I put him through complicated baths and nail clipping sessions ...and I spend hours trying to imagine what Gus thinks as we spend time together ... here is a selection of Gus' deep thoughts:

About Mommie ...

She likes to kiss me, she does it a lot...I don't really like least I don't like to show that I like it.
She totes me all over town, because she enjoys getting out and because she says she needs the excercise...but I know the truth...she is just showing me off...she looks in every window for our reflection and she loves it.
She acts surprised and pleased about my dirty diapers...but I know that can't last.
She talks about cutting off her hair, because I like to get my tiny hands tangled in it...but she will wait because during our last bath together I looked cute holding on to her braid while she washed me.
She sometimes nods off while we "share" a late night dinner...thankfully we sit in a large chair and her head bobbs back up when it hits her chin. It looks funny from where I am.

About Daddy
He kisses me too...stubbly kisses...I crunch up my face when he does makes him laugh.
He plays the guitar and the banjo for me...I like it and I try to look his way when he does it.
He and I are great napping buddies...we both sleep with our mouths open.
When Mommie is too tired to burp me any longer in the middle of the night, he comes and walks with me. I like it. Sometimes I hold out for him. Mommie doesn't know this.
He calls me Fussy-Gussie when I am uncomfortable or want to start a conversation... or when I cry for no reason. I don't do this very often.

About Life
I like it so far. Save for the hiccups, hepatitis shots, wet diapers and giving footprints.

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