Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Gus will start his first job tomorrow...

Don't feel to bad for him and the fact that at the tender age of 19 days our little one has to go to work...once there, he can sleep, poop, eat...do all the things he normally does, even when he is not on the clock...he can do all these things in his very own office...in fact he has a sign on the door that reads: "Augustus 'Gus' J. Dinkins, Chief Executive Baby"

His addition to our little branch office here in Brevard, is already spawning funny bogus interoffice memos and inspires us all to call "meetings" "feedings" etc.

I'm very blessed with employers who are allowing me to return to work WITH BABY...so three times a week in the afternoons, Gus will accompany me to work and give me the necessary supervision to make sure Mommie brings home a paycheck once in a while...

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