Monday, October 29, 2007

Living in Transylvania!

In case you're not familiar with North Carolina, Brevard happens to be in Transylvania County - that's not a joke, early settlers apparently thought the Western North Carolina Mountains with their dark deciduous forests and lingering evening fog resembled the Romanian backcountry where Count Dracula lived...

Anyways, for a little town filled with friendly faces, Halloween is serious business. Last weekend Brevard's Halloween Fest took place amid a blue sky and mild temperatures - we went - as ourselves - last year we dressed up and even ran the midnight 5 K - this year we just showed up with Gus in tow. But we had a great time sauntering around our lovely little town (which also is the proud home of a toy store of epic proportions, currently is inhabited by some truly spooky monsters hovering over the town square).

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maia said...

I should take a picture of our neighbor's front yard for you...they spent a month building it, working on it every day! I have never seen so many ghouls, ghosts, demons and skeletons in my life. It is so incredibly elaborate (for what, three days of fun? Well, I guess...but where do you STORE all that stuff??)

Love how long your hair is getting, btw!! Just gorgeous!