Friday, November 16, 2007


Long - gone.

Yesterday morning I had my long tangled locks cut off... as anyone who knows me will surmise, that's a big step for me. I resist change, especially self-initated change. Once it happens I rise to the challenge of adapting, but bringing it on goes against my very DNA. I am a creature of structure, order and tradition. I adore things staying the same and steady... so it was with a heavy heart and a fair portion of trepidation that I made an appointment at the beauty shop.
Logic dictated the move. Gus was cute when he held on to my braid as if it were a life raft during his second bath (that image will stay with me forever and bring tears to my eyes whenever), but watching him spit up in my pigtails twice in one day wasn't as cute. In between we would get entangled in it together and more than one time he emerged victorious clutching a few long hairs after we had gone through a painful separation of his hands and my hair.

So for the past nine weeks I've been sporting either a messy ponytail, a hasty knot or a frumpy braid... anything to get it out of my face and out of Gus' reach.

And since the pregnancy hormones that made my hair for once lush and glorious is quickly draining off - leaving it its wake, coarse, rapidly grey and less and less hair on my head and more in the drain, the move was a no brainer... still it's a change...

So here it is, a bit shorter than I imagined (my hairstylish got really inspired and started cutting before I was done talking, so I just shut up and prayed silently that it would still be befitting of me once she was through with me) but sassy and healthy feeling.

It's a bit Posh Spice and a bit flapper chic. I just hope I can deal with it... because it is definitely too short to put in a braid.

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