Monday, November 19, 2007

Lil' baby, lil' tree

When my Dad was a young man, he met an old jewish man who told him a tale, he's been fond of ever since.

For a man to reach his full potential in life, he must:

Own land
sire a son
and plant a tree...

Granted my Dad remained the father of a daugther for about 7 more years and didn't own his own piece of land for another 14 years, but he held on to that saying and he did eventually plant his tree after my brother Dominic was born in 1977.

So it came as no surprise that soon after taking up temporary residence in our Brevard home, my Dad came home from Lowe's (his favorite shopping spot) with a little fir tree. It's been planted now and Jacob has been patted on the back for being a man who has reached his full potential.

As an aside in my mind, any man who is the father of a daughter, should just plant a pretty fruit tree and consider himself fully potentialized, as well.

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maia said...

That's a lovely tradition!!
We have been slowly pulling the fir trees out of our back yard and replacing them with grass (there were four young fir trees planted before we moved in, and it's WAY too small a backyard for four pines, so we decided they had to go). One will be our Christmas tree this year - it's just the right size. When they're all out, we were planning on planting one fruit tree...should be just about in time for Flynn!