Friday, November 9, 2007

Hit the Pause Button

Gus's Grosi & Grossfatter came to town a little over a week ago, and - against my usual inclination, I've been busy snapping pictures - only I lost all of them today, making a dumb move on an unfamiliar computer because my office computer is down and I currently rely on the ones at the library...I'm mourning the loss of some adorable candid shots of Gus meeting his grandma and grandpa, as well as pictures of Gus in his first Halloween outfit, courtesy of his great-grand-Meme...I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to get them back, and true to my neat nature, I already deleted them off my camera...

So all I can do, is move on, take more pictures and try to capture that magic that is developing between Gus and his Swiss grandparents...he is being spoiled without a minute to spare and he loves it...busily cooing away at an always attentive and appreciative audience.

I'll try to be back with some photos in a couple of days, until then, be patient.

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