Saturday, March 8, 2008

A hat full of tricks

Gus has a new hat - just in time for our journey to more frigid climes. My Mom sent me the kit from my favorite Swiss knit designer with a selection of beautiful silk yarns in shimmery blues and it's been sitting around for a while. Now that we are sick (we've been fighting off - with various degrees of success - a really stubborn cold bordering on the flue) I've had no energy for anything other than sit on the couch, supervise Gus as he goes to discover and knit in rounds (sometimes I couldn't even knit, just stare at it).

But yesterday I finished it and it looks really cute on my boy's noggin, I say. Even Jacob liked it, though I swiftly declined any offer for a matching tobaggon

We're excited to travel to Colorado and visit our nephew/cousin Edward and his proud parents. If only we can shake this illness and feelings of low energy. I guess I'll have lots of time to knit as we drive across the country to our beloved Rocky Mountains.

I can't wait.

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Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Wow, that is a very special hat indeed!

Hope you'll give a call when you're out here!