Sunday, March 30, 2008

Handy Andy

A quick snapshot of a new Dad already comfortable with the many task associated with rearing babies - Gus' Dad meanwhile is still busy finishing up a bathroom for friends Rickie and Theresa.

Tomorrow we'll hit the road again back to North Carolina. We enjoyed our time here but are ready to go home and settle back into regular life. The cousins are well acquainted and will not miss a beat next time they meet. And the new parents are naturals and we're excited to see what parenthood will teach them.

If my blogging is slowing down give me a while to mend. A slipped or herniated disk (that's my diagnosis, it hurts much more than a pulled muscle) is keeping me from moving fast and without pain - and a 24-lbs tot is keeping my aching back from much needed rest. We'll be back at full-strength when this ailment has run its course.

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