Saturday, March 1, 2008

Get a grip!

Gus has discovered the power of a good grip. It works on Mommie's hair, chin, nose, Daddy's beard and ears and some other non-PG but extremely painful places, as well as pan handles, paper, morning cereal bowl etc. Basically, if it is within reach it must be gripped - tight und without any plan to let go...ever again.

So the new game this week has been this: Whatever we do, whatever implements we need is handed off to Gus after it has been used (if it meets our decidedly scary-low standards of child safety) or if it isn't safe, we give him something else instead. He really enjoys snatching it out of our hands and holding it for a little while, exploring its texture and possibly taste. While baking this morning, I took pictures of a little series of Gus' favorite snatches.

Having fun with this baby is so simple!

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