Thursday, March 27, 2008

More new/old friends

Gus made two more admirers yesterday as we visited with our dear friends Donna and Mark. Though unusally solemn at first, he quickly warmed to them - who wouldn't? - and giggled and spittled his way through a delicious dinner of spicy chicken burritos that Mark cooked for us.

Their house, which they have been renovating for as long as I know Mark, continues to be a showcase of good taste and fabulously stylish touches and we enjoyed spending and evening with both of them. Sadly, I was slow to snap a picture (Gus at this point was conked out on the couch) while Mark was still around (his new job requires him to attend all the late night concerts of obsure bands, he used to attend just for fun) and so I have a sweet picture of Donna and Gus.

We sincerely pray these two get good affordabel coverage and wish them all the best with the whole baby making business - remember 90 percent of it is intuitions that comes to you as soon as you hold your own baby.

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