Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thank you, for countless hours spent with my most beloved friend on the farm - the big blue tractor.

Thank you for my first driving lesson... I did pretty well and even better on the 4-wheeler...

Thank you, Pap, Granna and Aunt Laura for reading "The little Engine that could" to me (my Momma says to say an extra special thanks from her)

Thank you for disciphering whatever my little heart's desire and making it come true, even if it meant reading a book for the third time in a row in the driveway. I truly had a very good time in Locust Fork over Thanksgiving.

PS: Thank you for all the wonderful meals, laundry service, goat specials, baths, walks, assorted garage adventures, diaper changes, rook games, dominos matches, putting up with surly almost loosers and intermitten temper tantrums, take-home food packages, Granna's special dinner rolls, many many wonderful and toughtful early Christmas presents and many more little and big things to plentiful to remember all at once.

We are very grateful for family.
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