Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Work



Back to work, back to reality...I'm ready and eager to get back into a life with a paycheck and I'm also excited for Gus to get to spend more time with his Daddy (and vice versa) so here I go!
Mayberry's Soups & Sandwiches will open officially for business Tuesday, but we'll be prepping and testing and training all of Monday and hopefully work the bugs out to a point where patrons will forgive us if we aren't the fastest but hopefully the tastiest entertainment in town.
I met the entire crew I'll be overseeing today and I'm pretty impressed with the people I'll be working with. Some sweet and funny high-schoolers, a young mother and another middle-ager like moi-self, we laughed hard today and had a lot of fun tasting things and bonding a bit.

Jonathan & Kelli McLeod are the proud owners of this brandnew eatery in downtown Brevard and I pray that all their high hopes and hard work will be rewarded with a lifely, profitable business - oh, and a steady paycheck for me in a fun environment.

Monday, here I come.
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