Friday, April 16, 2010

A simple delight


It's 1 p.m. and I haven't showered yet...

..but I've emptied out Gus' piggy bank, rolled a gazillion (well, no it wasn't a gazillion but it sure felt like one)pennies and dimes and a few quarters into tubes, brought them to the bank and deposited them into my son's savings account. He is rich by my standards. He was very happy to take back possession of his beloved piggy with a few Swiss coins rattling around in it.
...and I've also bought out the grocery store (again, not really, but viscerally so) and battled the old cranky bagger man who doesn't like my very-Swiss, very-stylish reusable shopping bags and victoriously schlepped my loot back to the car with Gus somewhere in the tangle of it all...
...not to mention, I managed not to forget to get gas. I only fill this car up every six weeks or so, so remembering it is a chore.
...and finally I fed a cranky child and had a one-sided lunch conversation with my preoccupied husband (fire studies are filling his head to capacity) then tucked my very sleepy, yet very uncooperative son into bed for a nice mid-day nap...

Then I remembered that in all of it I forgot to eat.
So I'm seizing the chance to eat what I really want to eat.
A Tomato-mayo sandwich. Simple, savory and delicious. Bread, mayo, tomato slices and salt...with a side of sweet peppermint ice tea (no ice for me) and the newspaper.

Bliss. Baby. Bliss
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