Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shelves for me


This past weekend was a good one for my spirits in more than one way. With my ever-helpful (and funny) father-in-law visiting, I punched through some to-dos on my longterm-to-do list (I keep one of those in the back of my daily planner) and I even pestered the father-son team into finishing up these two beautiful shelves that will put the finishing touches on my kitchen/home office...I realize that I may take organizing to a worrisome level, but shelves or closets or any mention thereofs is as exciting to me as a pair of Manolo slingbacks on sale are to a fashionista.

I can't wait til they go up - hopefully quicker than another six months.

One more week until I return to full-time work. Every check mark makes me feel better about handing in the full-time mom/homemaker reigns...whatever I said at times. I'm very grateful for that year of (f)unemployment and full-time mothering.
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Brynn said...

Manolo slingbacks? Huh? Good luck with work! I am excited for you and your family. I wish you strength as you navigate new waters.