Sunday, April 25, 2010

A breezy Sunday walk



Sunday's fast becoming my favorite day of the week, as work has us all whirling by each other in various formations like demented tops during most of the week. Between to-dos, schedules, chores and naps, we have been doing a good job managing to get it all done in a more or less organized fashion - though my floors could be clearner and the pantry stocked better, but by this Saturday we hadn't spent very many consecutive hours as three in one room in a while.

Anyways this morning we awoke to a beautiful, freshly-scrubbed sunny Sunday morning (after it stormed all night) and decided to go for a leisurely walk through our sleepy town (which observes Sunday morning with closed shops) and let Gus give his walk-bike its fartest ride yet.

He fared well, riding most of the way and occasionally getting the hang of it - the concept of sitting while walking puzzles him at times. The cool breeze blew petals around us like a ticker tape parade and the sun kept us cozy while we sauntered on empty sidewalks through lovely Brevard.

A blessed Sunday.
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh man, I recently lucked into a second-hand Bob Ironman, and now I know what you're talking about! The other is now a dedicated bike stroller, for which it is best suited. That BOB is a cadillac! I'm in running heaven!