Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Erschte Auguscht!



Today is the day, all things come to an abrupt halt a world away in a little country called Switzerland. People festoon their homes with flags and lampions (paper laterns) and in the evening everyone gathers at big bonfires to eat sausages, cheese delicacies and watch children walk in formation with lampions on wooden sticks. People sing nostalgic songs and drink beer and watch lots of fireworks.

August 1 is when Switzerland first came to be by act of a sworn alliance between three cantons (states) who were tired of being oppressed by Austrian Royalty in 1291 (!!!)Years of guerrilla warfare ensued and finally through sheer will, home advantage and peasant-smarts a small souvereign nation was born.

Tonight we're hosting a small party for good friends to celebrate Gus'/my heritage and to say thanks to people who have been so supportive to us in the last year. My Mom outdid herself and has sent me all the fixings to throw a Swiss-party in style.

Happy Erschte Auguscht everyone!
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