Thursday, August 12, 2010

All in one Day




First a happy image: Gus out of his own inspiration decided to give a fresh, local farm-grown carrot a try (I just set them out as advised and didn't talk them up) and he liked it! Afterwards he was so inspired he had to go lie down and tell all his toys that he "ate a callot"

Then disaster struck (I still feel dramatic about this) Gus and his Daddy were wrestling on the bed and one bad turn led to a pop in Gus' right ankle and now he has a splint and a steady pain medicine regiment while we wait to find out if it is broken or just badly sprained. In kids this young an X-ray is hard to read and his didn't show anything conclusive, but he isn't putting any weight on his foot and refuses to move much at all...poor boy!

I'm ready for this week/year? to be over.
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a said...

uh-oh! hope it's not broken... but (sigh), it probably won't be last bump/bruise/sprain gus has.... ;-)