Friday, August 13, 2010

A leg up



Nothing more tricky than keeping an active, on-to-go-go three year old from moving around...though the splint is helping keep the hurt ankle in line, Gus is getting increasingly restless and frustrated with the whole concept of "keeping the leg elevated and at rest"...I want to elevate my feet and rest, but Gus doesn't really think that's a sensible course of action...

Yesterday, luckily, we had Cedar Ann and Lillian for another morning visit, and they did a great job keeping our minds off the hurt ankle...Gus loved hanging off the porch railing for a who-can-spit-past-the-flower-bed competition!

This morning, after an achy awakening at 5:30, he slept in late (thanks to another dose of Motrin) and is now enjoying his favorite breakfast of Cheerios, raisins and honey...the plan is to take it easy and get out before it gets super hot...and use the stroller as much as possible...

Gus is such a trooper!
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