Friday, August 6, 2010

Harvest Time


My friend, Brynn, years ago gave me a wonderful gardening book. This at a time when I was trying to grow something, ANYTHING, at close to 10,000 feet, which aptly illustrates what kind of a supportive friend she is. That book, however, futile at the time, now is proving its true value and has helped me identify and fight back all the manyfold enemies of heirloom tomatos. I have pampered and babied them and they are now in full fruit and a source of much happiness to me...they are a bit more fragile but the subtle flavor differences and the plethora of colors and shapes are well worth it. I cringe at the thought of someday again eating those watery, listless Romas from the store...

Here is a little sample of tri-colored beauty: Green Zebra, Hillbilly and Big Beef.

I love hot summer days and I love afternoon showers even more.
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