Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Over



Psst...I have to type VERY QUIETLY because the intruders are asleep, but would someone please come and rescue me before these two blond, blue-eyed monsters ruin my home completely and eat me alive???

I'm kidding - of course - what I really mean to say is that Gus and his friend, Argo, are both asleep, and I just spent 30 minutes putting the house back together and screwing my head back on.

I don't know how all you Mommas of two and more ever do it, ever! I don't know, I only know that I have had so much fun this morning and got absolutely nothing done (well I did bake a cake and deliver it to my friend, Aleshka - Argo's Mom - at the hospital where she is celebrating a new baby AND her birthday) but beyond that I did NOTHING, though I never sat down, never ate, never touched my coffee, never stopped talking and never stopped either kissing booboos, wiping noses (or butts) changing diapers or changing outfits (on them, I'm still wearing whatever looked clean yesterday).

Wow, now it is naptime and I'm toasting a bagel and starting my day (the hair!!! I can't believe I went out looking like that???!!!)

The boys are so sweet together and so playful, give them anything, ANYTHING...a straw a shovel, a stick...and they have a good time playing off of each other...

I think Argo is really enjoying this two-kid thing (only kidding again, he is a really happy member of a family of six)

But a little extra attention is always a treat.

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