Monday, May 16, 2011

While I was out (at the beach)



I spent a long weekend on Folly Beach with 14 or 15 of my dearest girlfriends (I lost count at some point, but you get the picture, there were A WHOLE LOT of us) and had a blast.
Yoga with wave noise in the background (and pigeon cooing in the foreground), long runs on the beach before sunrise, lolligagging in a beach chair with iddle talk that I either inserted myself in or let just wash over me, happy hour that lasted 6 hours or longer....delicious dinners, wonderful buffets, lots of laughter, too much hillariousness, ralleys to go see the historic lighthouse, an exploratory bike ride with a friend I never get to spend time with....I can go on and on...

It was AWESOME...good for the soul, good for the heart...and I even got a tan along the way.

When I returned I found that my bedroom had been redone.

That's right. Extreme Home Makeover must have come to my house while I was at the beach. Actually, Jacob pulled off a big surprise beautifully, letting me believe that he and Gus were going to Alabama for the weekend, when in fact he transferred Gus to Granna and Pap in Atlanta, hurried back and with the help of a good friend, finished the long-pined-for closet and even plastered two walls. The room looks wonderful and I can see the finish line in sight.

I spent all yesterday evening "moving into my closet" and then standing in front of it and adoring's amazing how much you can want one when you live without one for 3 or so years...

Gus had a great time in Alabama and came back bigger and with more words. He made quite a show out of the Krispy Kreme doughnut and hat that I brought him as a "souvenir"

I feel so blessed.
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