Monday, May 23, 2011

This is how we play






My hair wants to live on the beach and I - sometimes - want to live in a big city. Sometimes I wish I had two or three children (but the same husband) Sometimes I miss snow and mountains you can ski on, but then on a lazy, sweltering Monday afternoon I'm reminded of all that I have right here:
A beautiful, funny, energetic only child, who is game for any adventure I propose.
Trees galore. Healthy ones to look at, climb on, breathe in. Old dead ones to play on, slide on, hug and simply marvel at.
A State Forest so big and varied you can get lost in it any day and not worry one bit about how to come out (if ever)
Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls. In fact we have so many, that I can hardly be pursued to stop and look at it unless it is at least 3-stories high and running good. I don't consider those stair-stepping water tumble affairs anything spectacular and I'm not pulling my camera out for a drizzle of water.

This is Gus' favorite hike. Moore Cove. Today he hiked (or ran, skipped and darted) the entire 1.5 mile loop on his own (I just carried the Ergo as a fashion accessory) it is lined with bridges, as it follows an enchanted little brook along huge boulders to this stunner of a waterfall that is accessible from 360 degrees and backed by a pictoresque overhanging wall of rock.

It is here that I commit to buying a better camera every time, then return with my point and shoot to get frustrated because I can't capture the athmosphere exactly.

You have to be there to feel it. It's magical.
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Brynn said...

Can we come next time?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

So beautiful! those waterfalls are really a marvel!