Monday, July 23, 2007

All sugary and spice and not so nice!

Good news! I "passed" my glucose screen test this morning, after "almost failing" it a month ago. The test is designed to pinpoint gestational diabetes, which can mean a large baby at birth. My doctor with a glance at my "petite frame" as he calls it, wants to rule that out, if possible. Dr. H has been wonderful so far. Despite the "petite frame" comment he goes to great lengths to assure that being small is not an automatic disadvantage. He's told me several times that small women oftentimes deliver big babies without much of a hitch. "It's what's on the inside that counts, not what we see from the outside," he is fond of saying.

The glucose screen involves a small bottle of incredibly sugary stuff that you have to drink on a sober stomach...then your finger gets pricked every hour for three hours to see how much insulin your body can throw at the sugar buildup...I met four new pregnant couples in the waiting room, did some catching up with a couple we met in birthing class, made good progress on my quilt and fell in love with two little boys (5-month-old and 2-weeks-old) I made the most of my quality time at my doctors.

Bean and I aced all other checkups. My blood pressure was solid, no swelling, no complaints, good weight gain (I'm up to 132 lbs) and Bean's heartbeat is at a hearty 140. We are healthy as far as our medical team can see. That's a blessing and we are grateful for it!

I don't feel "petite" right now and I have a sugar-hangover that would impress any Krispy Kreme addict, but I'm glad it's behind us.

About 8 weeks to go!

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