Friday, July 6, 2007

Sprinting toward the Finish!

We did it!

Jacob, Bean & I, together ran the Brevard Rotary Firecracker 5K on 4th of July. We made it across the finish line in 30:35, which is a very respectable time for me (thanks to Jacob's selfless pacing and company). Previously on solo "practice runs" I had run the same distance in a time anywhere from 32 to 35 minutes, so averaging a 10 min./mile is pretty impressive for me.

Our sweet little cousin Sara ran the same race in 23:something, but then again she's only been retired from college field and track for a couple of months now. We'll just see how fast she can go once we load her down with a jogging stroller and an infant...

Along the route Jacob and I got some cheers and a few raised eyebrows, but overall it felt great to be able to mark this milestone of our first pregnancy's last trimester's beginning (we are almost 30 weeks along now) in a fun and casual community event on our nation's birthday as an independent country.

For the rest of the day, we ate pie and took naps at home, looked at old cars and new pottery at the town's fair and rested up for the fireworks show. Another lovely day with my two favorite guys!

I've kept up with my running with an eye on running this race and now I'm ready to take it easier and go slower...this morning was my first foray into power-walking...and it felt just as good and is probably going to be a lot easier to keep up on my back and knees.
I just hope & pray that I will continue to be able to be active and keep moving about as Bean puts on the weight and I keep making more room for him.

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maia said...

You guys are too cute. Love the braids, but especially love the smile!! :)