Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer of love

True, we've been surly all winter long feeling homesick for the snowy slopes of Colorado, but now as high summer hits North Carolina, we're falling in love with our new homestate.

Though there isn't much snow to speak of during the winter months, Transylvania County has a seasonal treat of equally supreme nature - swimming holes.

Since temperatures have climbed into the 80s, Jacob's newest obsession is to find the perfect place to swim - and not one of these places contains chlorine or floaties - unless you count leaves and flowers, which make the whole swimming experience not only refreshing but akin of a luxurious spa treatment.

This past weekend we took Jacob's parents, Cindy and Ronnie, to Jacob's best find so far - Wolf Creek, a dammed stream with dozens of dramatic waterfalls, numerous serene pools and a raw and wild beauty that takes my breath away when I look around and consider it.

To get to it, we do have to take a drive and then this pregnant woman has to brave a steep hike down - which I have done with a small tumble here and there - but it is all worth it. Look at the pics - this is living it up in Transylvania.

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