Thursday, July 5, 2007

Showered with goodness

Friday, June 29, Bean & I got to be the guests of honor of our first baby shower (Bean was the only boy in attendance). Hosted by my three dear friends, Kris, Carol and Alston, the affair was as much fun as it was meaningful to me. The guests represent almost all female friends I have made in the time since I married Jacob. We ate delicious food, we laughed, we told stories & I got to unwrap countless generous gifts that ranged from cute to useful - some of them even Jacob approved of.

I feel blessed that so many could come and celebrate the almost-arrival of a new life with me. As I make the transition from woman & wife to woman/wife/mother they will be invaluable to me with advise, comfort, laughter or even simple distraction. I will cherish the non-mothers for how wise they make me feel in their admiration and I will treasure the mothers for all their experience that they are so free to share with me.

I am strong in the knowledge that all these women are only a phone call away when/if things get tough or are just too cool not to share - that, to me, is what makes life truly glorious.

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Laura said...

I wish I could've been there!