Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who do I look like?

Who do you think I favor?


Sara said...

He's looks kind of like Ronnie.

Brynn said...

Gus looks to be his own person. I can get lost in trying to pin down which characteristics come from which parent. Fun but futile game! Tell Gus' papa, though he is handome, he needs to get on the other side of the camera so we can see a photo of mama with her baby boy!

maia said...

I think the nose is all you, but not the mouth. And the loooong attenuated limbs and hands and feet are all Jacob!I don't know the grandparents well enough to pick out what else has filtered down. I love seeing that melting pot of genes, it's so incredible! Can't wait to see him grown and change. It's so exciting.