Saturday, May 3, 2008

The BIG 30!

Yup, Jacob is enjoying the very last days of his youth - next Wednesday he turns the BIG 30!
I'm throwing him a surprise birthday party today (obviously, he never reads this blog) and I'm planning on quizzing all his friends on how well they know him - try it for yourself, I'll put the answers in the comment portion.


Mom-of-Bean said...

Dukes of Hazard
Dodge Raider
Pot Roast
Port-0-Potty Driver
Biked across USA
Pooped on the porch
be folded up
Scoopapotamus (Scoops for short)
Live in Alaska

granna said...

I know all the answers. Do I win a prize. thinking of all today and hope it is all you wished for.