Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ode to Cheerios

Funny - they are shaped like lifesavers, and until we discovered them, Gus mostly acted like I was trying to drown him in pureed goo.

Now he heartily digs in, chewing mightily with his two and one half teeth and practicing his pincer grip and hand-eye coordination.

What Cheerios taught me, is that no matter what the books say (texture-sensitive baby or not) my baby simply doesn't like food that does not require an effort by him. He likes food - it's just that he wants to be instrumental in the eating of it...

On this weekend's menu: A zwiback for starters, mango in small cubes, pears in wedges, tiny bunches of broccoli and some carrot slivers - and, of course, everything served up with a handful of Cheerios.
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