Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Dawn

This is my other baby these days, actually I have two...beautiful, diligent climbing rose bushes on the front of our porch. It's the New Dawn variety, an old-fashion, lightly scented Southern Rose that is simply gorgeous, with just a hint of pink, otherwise all cream and sugar...I've been fertilizing it and spraying it with soapy water and have just otherwise happily fussed over it, and this summer I think I will reap the harvest of my care...just this morning the first buds opened up and there are hundreds more to go...summer is here to stay for a while in Brevard.
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Qiuqiu's parents said...

Pretty! We have four or five bushes - I know nothing about roses, but each blooms at a different part of the summer and each is a different color - one sunset color, one pale pink, one bright pink, etc. I trimmed them last year on mom's advice (they grow like weeds) and they have about a gazillion buds this spring. The sunset ones just started blooming this weekend.