Thursday, May 22, 2008


Lolligagging is one of my favorite words in the English language, somewhere ahead of laksidaisy and effervescent ... it makes me taste a smile when I say it and it sounds of peace and sun...

...anyways... that's what we did today: we lolli-gagged all morning long under my patched-together-ugly-as-sin backyard sun screen (made from my laundry tree and a tarp, it is so backyward-backward, Jacob frowns and starts apologizing to the neighbors whenever I put it up). We took up camp and decorated it with sippy cups, quilts, snacks, dangly toys, babybath tub, lots of sunscreen, my breakfast and my knitting.

Lolligagging is a wonderful thing...too bad, we commonly equate it with laziness and wasting time, because now and then, just watching time go by is a wonderful "activity" - it's life. Right. There. Happening. Pouufff. Gone. Next.

We sat and saw and thought things. We watched two squirrels build a nest for their young (I thought about laboring in a tree and didn't like the thought of it). We traced the goings of two funny bugs. Graysen smiled at her paci hanging from the fly-swatter and smiled at a story I spun in the shade. Gus splashed a lot in less than two cups full of water, licked my cereal spoon and cruised along the fence at least three times.

I have nothing to show for my morning - and I'm not one bit sorry about it!

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