Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gus @ 10 months

Another months under his diaper (no belt yet).
His advances continue to astonish me and leave me breathless.
Little of baby left, and a lot of toddler peeking through.
Some milestones:
- likes to give Mommie love bites and farthy kisses on the belly and thighs
- can walk a few steps unassisted, until the big grin fells him
- can cruise at dizzying speeds along furniture or with a chair as a walker
- crawls even faster...you wouldn't believe it
- "Taaaataaahhh" (translation: All exciting things)
- Very shrill shriek, blasted off at deafening frequencies (translation: Things better than "Taaataaahh"
- Also ba-ba, ga-ga, wha-wha...but no ma-ma yet (I'm not taking it personal)
- Loves black beans (as food, facial mask and hair styling product), Cheerios, pot roast (he is his Daddy's child), cantaloupe, water melon, apple (eaten with Mommie, while sitting in her lap), not a big fan of anything squash and green beans...we'll keep working on it.
- Plays hide and seek with toys
- Places things into things
- Plays his Ukulele and drum with abandon
- Loves to sneak into the closet and play Daddy's guitar and banjo
- Loves to ride the horsey (me)
- Loves, loves, loves wheels, any kind of wheels
- Adores handrails. We have to stop and use them whenever we come upon them...
There is so much more, but right now Gus wants to play...so we play.

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Qiuqiu's parents said...

What a cutie! And he looks good in your trademark colors, too!
At 11 months, QiuQiu will be very delayed by never having been out of her crib. We'll have to teach her how to sit up and probably even roll over - but they catch up fast, within a few weeks, I'm told - so I'm going to enjoy "regressing" her and treating her like an infant while I can!!