Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He is a player!

It struck me today out of the blue, while I was busy with something - dishes, laundry, something that can be done without sight or mind.
My son is a great player.
He can play on his own for what seems like eternity at a time. He ahhhs and ohhhs and grunts and claps his hands, then heaves his bottom onto his knees and crawls busily over to his various "toy chests" around the house.
There - depending on the mood - he will either violently topple the container and deftly distribute all his primary-color treasures over a wide terrain, or softly sing to himself and lovingly consider each piece as he lifts it out of the basket or box.
Then minutes go by where I don't pay him any attention and when I do again, I realize that he isn't paying me any mind either.
He is lost to his own fantasy world, where sound, texture, color, shapes rule and no one can tell him what to do. He doesn't see me and only when I call out to him, does he come back to me - most often with a bright smile.
I love him to pieces when he plays like that - like I said. He is really good at it.
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Brynn said...

You have a content little guy. I love that.

Angie Davis said...

nice. very nice.