Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Mini-man

I'm catching glimpses of the toddler, Gus will be before too long. He likes to do "adult things" now, such as holding on to guardrails, sitting in chairs (look at the cute one his Great-grand Meme found for him), type away importantly on my office computer, complete with mouse maneuvering, sit on the backstoop next to me and tell me a babbly-long-winded stories, dance to bad pop music (he's got that from his Momma) and many more things that keep me laughing all day long.

He is too much fun for one right now.
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Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I'm nearly depressed that I won't get to see him over Labor Day. He is so precious and I love seeing you love him!

Mom-of-Bean said...

Make one yourself! I can highly recommend it from first-hand experience! (your Momma will thank me for this).

emily said...

I could live with that! Just set up a little cot and a rocking chair for me in the basement of your townhouse.