Sunday, August 10, 2008

What I did this weekend

- spent time neeked in the backyard...working on my seamless tan
- spilled Mommie's ice tea once
- spilled Mommie's coffee twice - once inside the house
- peed on a tire on Daddy's truck
- Watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics until I almost fell of the couch from sleepiness (didn't make it to the Swiss athletes)
- "Jogged" with Mommie (she runs, I sit) twice, we're feeling fit...
- went to church and charmed everyone in the nursery
- went to dinner with Say-say and Will, ate, made a mess, got loud and still charmed everyone in the restaurant, too
- Shrieked at the ducks in the lake at the music center, helped Mommie & Heather serve up gelato (well supervised anyways)
- practiced walking all the time (this one's for you Daddy)
- played peek-a-boo around the fridge (our fridge is truly free-standing, but that's another post)
- gave Mommie a swollen lower lip - with one powerful sucky kiss
- took some naps (some where better than others)
- cuddled with Mommie in bed

We miss you, Daddy!

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