Friday, August 15, 2008

Small but mighty

I remember my blog-blubbering about the untimely demise of my tomato plants, so I feel obligated to share this handful of goodness with everyone.

As the sole survivor of the backyard blight my cherry tomato plant seems to want to make up for harvest deficit left behind by its not-as-resistant comrades.

I have not fertilized it and it only recives my daily dish water for nourishment - but it is putting out big time.

This is about an average daily take for the past week - rarely do these tasty mini-tomatos make it into a dish, instead I snack on them until there is none. Still it makes me grateful enough that I now venture out there at dusk with my slopping dishpan and stop to say thanks to my little plant, drooping heavy with fruit, before I shower it with the days gray water.

Maybe there is still hope for me as a gardener?
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