Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One of my favorite things...

..are hand-me-downs.
Like my sister-in-law, Leah, I too once turned my nose up at anything not neat-and-new and store-bought, but three decades later, I love things old and worn so much better than anything new - thrift is my favorite brand, I tell you.
Castoffs given to me by generous friends inevitably end up becoming my favorite wardrobe pieces - there is something inherently good about a "distressed" pair of pants or a washed-soft shirt that someone I love has pre-worn for me.
And then there is that not-me factor. Most of my favorite castoffs are pieces I would not pick for myself and carry to the cash register, either because of cut or pattern or color - but when they are given to me I give them a try - and almost always feel like myself in them.
Now that Gus breezes through infant sizes like his last name is Phelps, castoffs have become a welcome infusion into the wild whirlwind that is his wardrobe - what fits one day, may not the next and what looked big one day, is just right the next week - I swear...he is keeping up with the tomato plants in my backyard, and they are making a mad dash for harvest...
The latest box of boy clothes came from my dear friend Brynn. Huge as it was we lugged it home in the bike trailer, loading it up under the "tsk-tsking" of all the SUV-driving post office customers (OK this is where one of those gas-gargling train terminals on wheels would come in handy). Aside from plenty of prefolds and covers to keep us in cloth diapers until potty training and beyond, she packed a generous selection of toddler clothes that had me sit on the floor and day-dream...Gus is pretty much a toddler, and now he's got little boy clothes to prove it.

Thank you, Brynn. No amount of money and time shopping, could have gotten me these kinds of finds. I'm grateful and will take good care of them.
Now on to packing up the too-small, stuff. Cousin Edward watch out. A big bag of big baby clothes is coming your way...
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Qiuqiu's parents said...

That's a great picture of Gus, by the way!
Flynn's hand-me-down baby clothes are my favorite, well, hands-down! I have received the most fantastic and gorgeous hand-me-downs from some very stylish friends...things I would never have been able to afford, and some things much fancier than I probably would have indulged in myself. But boy do I enjoy them! I am very, very fortunate in that department. The few clothes I bought on my own pale in comparison to what I have received from friends! It's wonderful, and I love the idea that I'm "consuming" as little as possible in that department!